Permit required for wild turkeys?


11 Years
Mar 2, 2008
Ireton, IA
I was thinking about raising some Eastern Wild Turkeys. Does anyone know if the state of Iowa requires a permit for this? Thanks for any info.
Hi, LinckHillPoultry may be right about that.

I know in pa if you want to sell them or eggs you must have a permit.

Once you have the permit here you can not free range them legally.
There rules make you keep them penned at all times. I get 2 inspection a year and they are suprize visits by the PGC.

But i always let my one male free-range and have gotten to know the inspector and he doesnt really say to much about it.

Check it out before you get them, here in pa you are not to import the turkeys or eggs unless The breeder/breeders are approved by the PGC, but that is our law here, it may be differnt in your location..

Hope you do get some, you'll love them


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