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Mar 30, 2010
New Hampshire
I figured I would post this up here for people who don't know about wildlife permits, I certainly didn't before yesterday. My husband is looking into getting wood ducks and a few other species so after reading a post by boggy bottom bantams I figured I'd better investigate what permits, if any, I might need. In my state (New Hampshire) I found out that I need a permit for wood ducks and other indigenous species of birds. No suprise there, however when I called the federal office (you have to have both state & federal apparently) I found out that you have to have a permit to not only buy and sell species indigenous to my state, but also birds like mallards and muscovies. Mallards are definitely on the permit list and muscovies are apparently in the process of being added as we speak. All birds on the list must be marked as well, either with wing pinioning, web tattoo or the removal of the back toe on the right foot. I have 2 muscovies that were not marked as little babies so now I have to look into web tattooing as that seems the most humane at this point. Also, I have to get an import/export license to bring ducks into my state that are on the permit list, including mallards and muscovies. If I sell any I have to provide paperwork to the state and the buyer as well as keep a record of my own too. Also, not sure how this is in other states, but mute swans are strictly forbidden in New Hampshire due to their aggressive nature and the fact that they tend to take over resources if they escape from you yard. Below I'll post a list of all the birds on the permit at this point in time. Like I said, muscovies are not on the list yet but apparently they will be soon. I know this doesn't apply to alot of people but I figured it's better to know then not know.

Dendrocygna bicolor, Fulvous Whistling-Duck
autumnalis, Black-bellied Whistling-Duck
arborea, West Indian Whistling-Duck
Cygnus columbianus, Tundra Swan
cygnus, Whooper Swan
buccinator, Trumpeter Swan
Anser fabalis, Bean Goose
albifrons, Greater White-fronted Goose
Chen caerulescens, Snow Goose
rossii, Ross' Goose
canagica, Emperor Goose
Branta bernicla, Brant
leucopsis, Barnacle Goose
canadensis, Canada Goose
(=Nesochen) sandvicensis, Hawaiian Goose
Aix sponsa, Wood Duck
Anas crecca, Green-winged Teal
formosa, Baikal Teal
falcata, Falcated Teal
rubripes, American Black Duck
fulvigula, Mottled Duck
platyrhynchos, Mallard
wyvilliana, Hawaiian Duck
laysanensis, Laysan Duck
bahamensis, White-cheeked Pintail
acuta, Northern Pintail
querquedula, Garganey
discors, Blue-winged Teal
cyanoptera, Cinnamon Teal
clypeata, Northern Shoveler
strepera, Gadwall
penelope, Eurasian Wigeon
americana, American Wigeon
Aythya ferina, Common Pochard
valisneria, Canvasback
americana, Redhead
baeri, Baer's Pochard
collaris, Ring-necked Duck
fuligula, Tufted Duck
marila, Greater Scaup
affinis, Lesser Scaup
Somateria mollissima, Common Eider
spectabilis, King Eider
fischeri, Spectacled Eider
Polysticta stelleri, Steller's Eider
Histrionicus histrionicus, Harlequin Duck
Clangula hyemalis, Oldsquaw
Melanitta nigra, Black Scoter
perspicillata, Surf Scoter
fusca, White-winged Scoter
Bucephala clangula, Common Goldeneye
islandica, Barrow's Goldeneye
albeola, Bufflehead
Mergellus albellus, Smew
Lophodytes cucullatus, Hooded Merganser
Mergus merganser, Common Merganser
serrator, Red-breasted Merganser
Oxyura jamaicensis, Ruddy Duck
dominica, Masked Duck
Yes you need one permit to keep a duck (usually provided by the seller) and a more complex permit to dispose of a duck by any means. This is just federal, state requirements vary by state.
For Ohio I have a permit provided by the person I bought them for the wood ducks. If I want to sell anything from the wood ducks (feathers, eggs, birds, etc.) I need to get a waterfowl sale & disposal permit for $70.

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