Personality and color differences...


14 Years
Feb 17, 2009
North Georgia
Very interesting , my Runner ducklings.... I have 3 Penciled Runners and 3 Greys (Mallard colored). The Penciled are much quieter, gentler and "non-skiddish"--- but the Greys are more aggressive (eat first_and first to react to anything...the Pencils are like " duh, what's with you guys, don't take that Runner -thing seriously".
I noticed with various cats over the years, that the ones with white tuxedos were the most affectionate and tame.
Then there is the study with wild foxes the Russians raised for pelts ,they started breeding the ones that were easier to handle, and soon their babies were beginning to born with white markings, which ruined them for pelts, anyway, they found that certain traits became linked with white markings.....

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