pest control in the bedding?

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    I recently read where one person uses some sort of pest control for mites or something in the bedding of the coop. I have a small young flock, 8 bantam and 8 guinea fowl, that were all raised together and stay together in the same coop and run. Everyone is healthy thus far and I have no plans to introduce anyone else to the coop anytime soon. Is this something I should be doing? I clean the coop out every two weeks, it's very dry when I clean it. I use Coop & Compost powder for moisture and odor control. They have good ventilation and spend most of the day in the run. They get to free range in the early evening and weekends when I'm home to supervise. Any thoughts?
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    You can just keep a check on them for lice/mites if you wish. They aren't always easy to see. I'll give you a link with some pics. I like to sprinkle a bit of Sevin garden dust around now and then, though I don't know that this is necessary. Some people will tell you to use DE, which is expensive, rough on respiratory tracts, and not partucularly effective against lice/mites.

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