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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by PekinDuck01, Sep 11, 2016.

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    Sep 10, 2016
    Hello, I have had my male Pekin duck for about four months now. He was raised by me with no other ducks so he became very attached to me and followed me around everywhere. We recently got three more ducks, I can't remember their breed, and we keep them with him, he doesn't like them very much so he just stays away from them, we keep them all in a very large pen but I take Brodie my Pekin duck out to go in the kayak. He has started not following me as much now. He still cries for me to come out to him and will cry when I leave, so is this just his age or is he starting to become unattached to me? Also when I go to pet him he will lay down, and he does this when I take a handful of water and out of on him and he is in the pool. What is the reason for him doing this, is he scared of me? He still seems to like me and cries when he sees me so I will go up to him, but lately he hasn't been as friendly and doesn't run up to me anymore. Any suggestions?
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    When ducks have other ducks,they usually don't bond to use as much.And sounds like he is more interested in his flock now.He still may allow you to pet him,but you never know.
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    First off, Do you know the sexes of all your Ducks? Are you sure Brodie is a Drake? I have three that are imprinted on me..A Call Drake, Welsh Drake and a Buff hen...My Welsh Drake is the leader of my flock of six...He was raised with the first four..I since rescued two others...The Welsh Drake loves me...If I see them wandering to far I "quack" and he leads everyone back..My Call flies back....
    Laying down sounds more like a hen too me...
    What sounds does your duck make? I f it Quacks its a hen...If it sounds awful, like a hair stuck in his throat, it is a Drake...

    They all grow up and do not need us the same way as when they were babies...Good of you to provide the Duck with real Duck friends..

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