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6 Years
Apr 17, 2013
My silkie is "pet quality" meaning is most likely won't have a topknot. Can anyone help me with sexing it. I keep calling it a she/her but I'm not actually sure I have a female. Any tips on ways I can tell other than waiting until she lays or crows? Her picture is my avatar, and I have more I can upload into the thread if needed.
Silkies are notoriously hard to sex - which means you usually have to wait longer to figure it out (if they crow or not). It would help to tell us it's age and post pics that include the body (stance), legs and head/comb. "Pet quality" usually refers to more than just presence or lack of top knot.
Looking at your avatar I would GUESS roo. I have two silkies and when mine were two weeks old me and my housemate swore that one just looked like a girl and the other a boy. At around 7-8 weeks Rusty started getting hectic comb and wattles and yesterday, at 11.5 weeks he tried his first crows (and I missed it!), whereas Furgie has that nice rounded pom pom look that hens get!

I woudn't take my guess too seriously though, as it is just a guess! Definitely wait a few weeks and post some more pics! :)

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