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10 Years
Aug 23, 2009
White Pine
HI all I'am a new mom to a duck .. My Mom and Dad bought me this duck for easter.. (cough I'am in my early 40's)
The pet sote told me that Miss Daisy is a peking.. I think they miss this one.. So what breed to thing she is ???? Thank you!!

Not a Pekin, but maybe some Pekin in her. She's adorable. PS How old is she? Do you know for sure it's a girl? Boys when they're older, say 4 or 5 months get what they call a drake feather, which is a curlicue feather on their tail. Boys also have little wimpy quacks and the girls have loud, deep honking raspy quacks. Not that it matters if you only have one. But you'll need to give her tons of attention, since ducks prefer to be with their own kind. If possible, I imagine she would greatly appreaciate a duck buddy if you can swing it. Lotsa good info here.
I think I might have to agree with this one. How big is she? If she is small she might be a snowy mallard. Here is a pic of my indoor snowy mallard

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