Petting hens


9 Years
May 10, 2011
Stow, OH.
I am a newbie chicken owner...I've had chickens since March of 2010. It is by far the best decision I have ever made. I hand raised my first three, held them a lot and got them used to human contact. I still have one of them (a RIR maybe?) that my niece lovingly named KFC. I gave away the rooster and sold the silver seabright, bought some seramas and an easter egger,lost the easter egger, sold some seramas, got a golden laced wyandot and a salmon faverole. A few months later, got some more seramas and frizzles, traded some seramas for 2 easter eggers. All of my chickens were social with people except the easter eggers. They had never had human contact (they were 4 months old when I got them). KFC started laying late July or August and started this odd behavior. When I would go into the coop to retrieve the egg, she would crouch down and push her wings back a little. It took me a few times to realize she wanted to be pet (so adorable). A few months later my salmon faverole started laying. Although she didn't have much contact before with me, she started the same behavior. After I brought home the frizzles, one of them would do the same thing. I currently have 11 outside and 8 inside. 1 RIR?, 1 Golden laced wyandot, 1 salmon faverole, 3 serama hens, 2 serama roosters, 2 easter eggers, 3 frizzles and 6 serama babies (hatched on Christmas Eve). I have the most beautiful variety of brown eggs, white eggs, and blue/green eggs of various sizes. I am in love and I hope with time, more of my chickens will crouch down to be pet!
Most hens will do this once they reach laying age. They think you are their rooster and are waiting for the rooster to mount them. I usually just pat the hen on the back and send her on her way.
Yeah, best to leave that job to the rooster.

By the way!

My significant other calls my chicken KFC….

…and her babies KFC Juniors…. XDDD

My hen displays that behavior towards me as well though haha, but I guess you can look at it as they respect you too, or are submissive to you. Hens will run away and put up a struggle against roosters they do not accept as dominant.
Well… My signature pretty much says it XD I have a hen named Chicken and my baby chick's name is Aiko (if it's a girl) and maybe Aidan or something like that if it's a boy. I haven't named my hen's chicks because they go to my friend

Still I'm awful at naming, once I can have a full flock though I think I'll name them funny things or something people would laugh at.
To be absolutely honest there are two reasons I have not named them. One, because I can't come up with good names and two, because I can't seem to remember when I have named them what their names were. lol so I gave up.
Sound like you're doing a great job! I was surprised when our hens went submissive on me - I noticed it happened after we re-homed the roosters, don't know if that was a coincidence. One good thing, it makes them really easy to catch

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