Pheasant chicks need help!


In the Brooder
Jun 7, 2021
Just got 3 melanistic pheasant chicks and I have them in a large box with a heat lamp so far they are just sitting in the corners and ignoring the food and water. I already dipped their beaks to show them where it was. Should I be worried or just wait until morning? Occasionally when I go close they will dash around the box but then just hide again in the corner.
Agree with @Chookwagn if they are huddling in the corner, it's too hot. Do you have a thermometer in the bottom of the brooder? preferably under the heat source? Temperature under the lamp/heat source should be 90 to 95°F. for the 1st week, then reduced by 5°F per week until fully feathered out or the ambient temperature is 70°F. The heat source should be on one end of the brooder, allowing the other end to be cooler. Feed and waterers should be set up in the cool end of the brooder.

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