Pheasant Crumbles?

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12 Years
Jan 8, 2008
South Dakota
Our local farm and ranch supply store (Campbell's Supply) has a few bags of "Pheasant Crumbles" sitting by their front door, with clearance stickers of $6.99 on them. Plain white bag, no picture...not even sure if there was a tag on them, with protein percentage, etc. because I was carrying a 40 lb sack of meat bird crumbles, and didn't stop to look real close. I don't think they are 50 lb...look more like 35 to 40 lb. Was just wondering if something like that would be okay for turkey poults? I picked up meat bird crumble today-they didn't have any meat bird or game bird starter...or would I be better off just feeding them the chick starter I have for my chicks? That is what I did with the last turkeys I raised, and they turned out okay. But if I'm going to get a healthier bird by feeding them higher protein, I can do that.

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