Pheasant with Chickens ?


10 Years
Oct 28, 2009
Beverly Hills, CA
Sooo because school is out me and da fry-ends went to some place for camping and I found a chick. I caught it and there was no mom around, and it was by itself. I don't think its a chicken chick, its more slender. Its like a light beige with tan stripes with long legs that are like pale, i think it kinda looks like a pheasant chick. If I take it home and it grow up to be a pheasant can I put it with my chickens?? Will it fly away?? I have 3 chickens that are quiet because I live in BH. soo if I keep it, can it live with the chickens ??
Lots of people keep gamebirds and chickens together. My neighbor has pea fowl, turkey, chickens, pheasants, and guineas all together. They all live in a huge aviary. He keeps lots of brush and boxes inside it for them to hide in. The thing I would be most worried about with a wild bird is disease and pests. I would definately keep your chick separated from the rest of your flock for at least 30 days. Check for bugs often and watch for illness. If you post a picture we may be able to identify your new friend for you. Good luck!

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