Pheasant with Mites... What do I do or use?

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  1. I went to clip my pheasants beak... it was growing crazy... so I decieded to fix it... any hoo, I noticed that he being a cross of a lady amherst and red golden, his feathers were coming in very nicely... I wanted to take a closer look, and what I found was that he was covered in mites... they kinda look like termites but a bit smaller, they were on his skin and even on his feathers... what do i use to treat him? Please help and let me knwo where I can find it, for example a grocery store, or hardware store...ect.

    P.S. i dont cross my birds... but I bought him from lady who had a cross happen and I wanted to buy one... he is currently in a pen with 2 chickens and one other pheasant. Ive had him for about 2 weeks... so its safe to say they got the bugs too.. I going to treat them all..

    I should have check him when I bought him but I was too overwhelmed by the colors starting to show that I lost my mind and missed that step... Please advise.


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  3. Quote:Adams Plus Flea and Tick spray is very good- a couple squirts on the back of head and neck, a couple under each wing and a couple under the tail/vent. We usually spray birds whenever we have to catch them for whatever reason- moving to a new pen, bringing new birds in, etc. We also like to spray birds a few days before we are going to ship them- as a precaution to remove any possible mites before going to there new home.

    Another way is at night when birds are roosting- quietly go with a flash light and go down the roost giving each bird a few squirts on the side/wing fold, vent area and neck. This way you do not have to catch each bird in the pen. But not for birds that are flighty or scare easily.
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    If you can't get near them you could also put livestock dust in their favorite dust bath hole.......

  5. What is livestock dust
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    Quote:It's a powder you can buy at the feed store. Often it is called poultry dust or garden & poultry dust. The one I buy has permethrin as its active ingredient.(there are several different brand names) You dust under the feathers of your birds paying close attention the the vent area, and under the wings. If you can't catch your birds. try it at night or putting it in the place they like to dust bathe.

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    I use Ivermectin, put a few drops on the skin and treat again 10 days later.

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