Pheasants free ranging......

Oh, that's to bad. I don't care very much for birds that have to be penned 24/7. I actually read that some people let their silvers out in the yard, didn't say what the results where, though lol.
When you raise quail and pheasants you pretty much have to keep in mind that they are wild birds. They may get accustomed to your presense but they will never be TAME. If you like birds in your yard it would probably be best to stick to chickens. I raise over 200 pheasants and occasionaly have one who makes his way to the outside world, no matter how long I have had them they never return.
Of all the pheasants i have heard people free ranged are silver pheasants.
Pioned in a secure yard or area.
Some not pioned but raised by bantams and grew up and hung with the chickens every day .
I have not done it but these are the ones i hear most often at sale shows when people see the silvers etc i sell.

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