Pheasants having issues


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Aug 15, 2013
I have 9 week old ringnecks and two of them aren't looking too good. Two days ago I noticed one wouldn't move from below their shelter and I was able to easily grasp him with no fight. I took him home as I thought he might be overheated. Since then he hasn't been able to get up, but he is eating and drinking. His legs seem paralyzed as he won't move them. The next day a female was very lethargic, so I took her home also. She's a little better but can't stand well. It's been pretty hot here lately and I added a solar powered fan to help them cool off. The others I checked on this morning and they're doing fine. Any suggestions? I have chickens that free range close to them, but they are separate.
Have you posted on the pheasant thread? I would make sure they haven't gotten into any moldy feed or shavings to get botulism. I don't know if pheasants can get Mareks disease, but botulism and Mareks can cause lameness in chickens. Another thought is vitamin deficiency that can cause lameness. Can you give your pheasants chick vitamins?
I'll try the pheasant thread, thanks. The feed appears okay, and I'll try the vitamins when the feed store opens.

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