Photo of Slow vs. Regular vs. Fast Feathering + Genetic questions

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    Mar 12, 2015
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    Three of my 3.5 week old bantam cochins are a study in feathering differences- L to R Fast, Mid and Very Slow feathering:



    Tank here has been EXTREMELY slow feathering. He had no feathers at all until he was more than 10 days old.(No problem growing wattles though! [​IMG])

    My question on him, for any feathering geneticists out there: Is this delayed development due to slow feathering K-genes, delayed feathering K-genes, or tardy genes (tt)? Unclear on how to tell the difference.

    This little self-blue falls in the middle of the spectrum- would that make him/her slow feathering? Regular? Not clear on that.

    The gold lace has feathered in very, VERY quickly- Already developing a tail shape, way ahead of the other chicks. Is it safe to assume he/she (I think she) is fast feathering (K+)?

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