Photoes of open wings of mutations of adult male peafowls and adult female peafowls.


11 Years
Jul 2, 2011
Dear members,
I would like photoes of open wings (both upperside and underside) of mutations of adult male peafowls and adult female peafowl, please.

Buford Bronze Black-shouldered
Midnight Black-shouldered
Shalding Black-shouldered
Purple Black-shouldered
Charcoal Black-shouldered
Cameo Black-shouldered
Peach black-shouldered
Taupe Black-shouldered
Sonja's Violete
Sonja's Violete Black-shouldered
Opal Black-shouldered
Green peacocks (any subspecies)

Wings have to be fully opened, with primary coverts being held, also birds will spead their wings after afternoon naps (sleeping). Patience is good way to photo birds.

WoW! Clinton is back .... we will have beautiful drawings !
Hi Dany12
You were wrong, I were asking the members to send me the photos of open wings of peafowl mutations.

I did not have new drawings of peafowls in flight, because these members did not sent me the photos yet.

With no photos, I cannot make new drawings of peafowls.

Hi Zaz,
I had not been to this website very much as I had nearly gave up my hope for photos of peafowls"s open wings from members, as you can see why there are no photos here.
I understand but when you are working with peafowl by yourself it is impossible to get such photos as there is no one to handle the fighting bird while you take the photos.
Peafowl are very very strong and the hardest thing you can do is try to hold out their wings in the first place, they are not like chickens, which will finely just give up, peafowl will fight you the entire time making it difficult to work with them plus we do not like to stress these big birds.
About the only way to get nice photos of the peafowl wings if they are sick or dead or a real pet that someone has taken lots of time to tame, those are usually the common india blues.
Good to see you here again
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Dany he wants wings open photos so he can draw the color and pattern changes and where they occur in the wing , he would not need to ask if he only wanted photos of birds with closed wings, hope this helps you understand why he is asking for wings spread out.
There are two options for photoing spread wings of alive peafowls:

1) Like handling Bald eagles and birds of prey, using the hoods to calm the eagles, you would use the dark-coloured socks to cover the heads of peafowls, or borrow the hoods of falconers for calming your peafowls when you handle the birds to open the wings to photo. Birds would be held by legs, and birds would be handled gently, before hood is to cover the entirely head.

2) Photo the peafowls after their afternoon naps, when they spreading their wings, but this means endless patience. When peacocks wake from afternoon naps, they tends to spread one wing across the body, showing whole wing, at same time the one leg is spreading, before they yawn & lift their half close wings.
This works if birds are used to you being so close to them.

Peafowls, in my experance, did fighting via flapping their wings when held, but they stop flapping soon, but two people are better, so one person hold the peafowl while another person photo the bird.
Clinton most folks are not gonna want to stress or possibly injure their bird trying to get photos when they have no other use for them except to fill your needs and waiting for them to lay out might work but many penned peas are not gonna do that especial when that big black eye is staring them down threw the wire.

Peafowl are not eagles and you can not treat them as such for you will run the risk of injury or even death.

I take 1000's of pictures and even i probably could not give you what you want even if i had the color you need.
I would love to be able to accommodate you, I just really prefer that my blood stays where it belongs.

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