Photos of my 5 week old Cornish Giants


11 Years
Apr 15, 2008
I thought I would share some pics of my chicks. They are 5 weeks old. They live in a tractor in the back meadow which I move nightly.

They are very curious when I open the door.


I ordered them from Moyer's (in Quakerstown, PA) again and am very pleased.



Here's an averaged sized one at almost 4lbs at this point.

Oh, my! a 5 week old broiler at 4 lbs. I just ordered 100 from Meyer today and i hope I am as pleased with my results as I have heard others are.
does this little chick look like a cornish x rock or just a cornish? i am hopping just a cornish because i do not want meat chickens!

farthest left.



He/she is growing feathers slower than buff orps so hopefully that means jus a cornish but are cornishes usually bigger birds?
Nice setup and great looking birds Peruvian.

Americana-chick, that is a Cornish X. His legs are too fat to be anything else. Sorry.
I just placed an ordered from Moyers last week so I'm glad to hear someone else has used them. I won't get them until Oct. 14 unless they have an overhatch. The customer service was very nice.

Is your tractor a hoop tractor? That is what we plan to make for ours.

Thanks for the pics.

I had 300 broilers this half came from another hatchery then I got 150 from Moyer and from the start in the brooder they acted better more active than the first batch and all the way through I could really tell the two batchies apart, one of the Moyers dressed out at 7 lbs in 8 weeks and I know it's late but I've got 50 more broilers and 150 brown egg layers coming Oct 14 too.
Can you say who the other hatchery was?I have seen a difference in chicks coming from different hatcherys as in being active, their size and alertness.There is a difference in quality between hatcherys but,I'm sure many times your still paying for the name.Some of the smaller hatcherys offer great value for the price. Will
The first batch came from Mt.Healthy they where good birds but not as active like when I was moving the pens the Moyer birds would come to the front of the pen looking for crickets and grasshoopers where the other ones just wanted to move a little and just plop down, and this is my first year raising broilers im going to do 350 this year and hope to do3 or 4 thousand next year i have got 95 turkeys on the pasture now getting ready for thanksgiving,so I have got a lot to learn myself.

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