Photos of my coop after 1 foot of snow


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Jul 21, 2010
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Boy did we get some snow on Friday. Thank goodness my girls, Betty, Wilma and Dixie are doing great this winter and are laying eggs daily. I have a ceramic heat light inside so they love just hanging inside the coop all day long. Next month I'm getting 2 barred rock and two brahams. Really looking forward to my new babies.

Before the snow

After the snow


This is Dixie chick


This is Wilma


This is Betty

My girls...just love em
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I just love how folks have developed ideas about weather and geography in different parts of the country.

California is a thousand miles long, and has deserts, valleys, rivers, mountains, lakes, forests, plains, a gorgeous coastline, little bitty cities, bigger ones and those major metropolitan monster places (like Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, etc.) This past few days we've had major highways CLOSED due to snow and avalanche dangers.

I used to think Kansas was all flat corn fields. I guess it's really all flat wheat fields; Iowa is for corn. Washington state is very green along the west side, and barren and rocky on the east side. Tennessee surprised me at how GREEN and luscious and beautiful the landscape stretched out before my eyes. Florida.... well... I wouldn't live there for anything in the world.
cute chickens Sylvia!! Love all the snow! The chickens look like they are happy!!
gryeyes....why not FL?? too hot for ya?? today it was in the 80's !!! looking forward to the 70's next week!
So glad, that is not at my place...heheh

It is gorgeous looking

All our snow is gone..and better stay that way..

Love your babies
They look so happy
I like your coop. The raised floor makes the run extend under the coop, which I always like to see. (Just call me Mr. Practical.) I'm new at this so I'd like to ask what breed Betty is? Her head tells me EE, but she's too plump to be an EE. (I'm partial to partridge plumage.) All three are beautiful hens. I would like to have a BR or 2 because they're such practical DPs, and I want an EE or 2 like Wilma for the blue (or green) eggs.

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