Pick a pair of silkies or sizzles also little oegb's


ChowDown Silkie Farm
10 Years
Mar 5, 2009
Hornbeak, Tennessee
I have several silkies and sizzles that hatched around the end of August and beginning of Sept of this year. You can come out and pick a pair for $30 firm. That is $30 for 2 chickens from the ones available for sale.
I have a pen with youngsters that are also from the september hatch. Same price on these in this other pen.
Then the amount of birds gets slim as I move to the grow pen. These hatched in October and you can pic 1 or all of them for $13.00 each firm. There are only 3 or 4 that I plan to keep out of that pen and will have all the keepers moved to a different pen on the day of a visit. All these silkies and sizzles are outside in pens. The youngest ones have a heat lamp to knock off the chill but could do without it. I spoil them. I do have some that I have picked out to sell as pairs. They are just too good of a match with each other not to be bred together. The black silkie youngsters are looking very much like they will be SQ. Their mothers are SQ.
I live in Hornbeak, TN and if your interested shoot me a pm and i'll send you my cell # to set up a day to come out. Make sure to bring a big cage. You know your gonna want more than just 1. They're like M & M's lol
Payment is by paypal unless you'd rather come out and see them first then I take cash. No checks, no plastic, just cash. If you want some held for you till you can get out to look at them closer you can send payment for the birds your interested in. If you change your mind, I will immediately refund your money back into your paypal account only, no cash refund
Many of the chickens in the picture with the boy are for sale. Some are not. That is my sizzle pen for my breeders. They are in there for lack of space. Anybody with a leg ring is for sale

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