Pick Your next Easter Egger EE ROO Several to choose from TN


10 Years
Jun 30, 2009
Lebanon TN
You can take your pick from any of these Roosters.All are needing a new address.
#1 Spring Roo Splash color Does not crow here but will for you! Beautiful.

#2 and #3 it's hard to get pictures of since they need to be beat off with a stick to get away and I won't do that! Both about 12 weeks old(time flies) these are Breeder stock not from a Hatchery.

#3 That is all the tail he has..finally got a few small feathers.

NO SHIPPING DON'T ASK NO PAY PAL without e-mailing me for a good reason why...they charge me.
All are healthy wormed and kept on a natural diet.Sorry about all the mud but after 12" of rain it has begun again.PM me if you would like them all and we can work that out.
I sure wish u would consider shipping. I been lookn all over for ur #1 rooster. I just left tn a few weeks back. Think its a bit far now from hattiesburg MS. If u change ur mind ill give u the 8 bucks plus shipping if u could quote me a price.

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