Picked on chicken missing an eye

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    I have 15 chickens, 1 RR rooster and 14 hens (RR's & Black Australorp). My chickens run free in the yard, about 4 fenced in acres with the three dogs. When all the flock was together in the beginning they got along.

    Recently, the rooster just does NOT like one of the hens. She is laying, but acts very defensive when he or the other girls come around. She fluffs her feathers and challenges the rooster. I am not sure this is what started the problem, but it sure does not help. When she gets defensive when the other girls come around they do not bother her.

    This morning we noticed her eye was gone. I am not sure when it happended because when we leave in the week it is dark and when we arrive home it is dark. The eye is not bleeding, but I did not think it would get to this.

    I thought of seperating her when the rooster would chase her around, but then saw them sleeping next to each the other at night so I changed my mind. Besides she can easily get away when she needs to. Well, it obviously got worse.

    I put her in a seperate coop today and she was not happy to be cooped up - I guess she got use to having free range of the yard. She seems to be adjusting and is even sleeping in her own coop now. She is eating a little bit and drinking water.

    I can understand if they were bored, but they are not cooped up and have a lot of acreage to run around on, even a compost pit.

    Any advice or words of wisdom.

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    Sometimes they will pick on one that is sick. We don't know it but thy do. They see it as a threat to the group. Watch her closely for a while to see what developes. Jean
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    I thought of that too, but it has been about 1.5 months and she seems fine. I have been checking her out and her poop seems fine, she is laying, no discharge or anything that I can see. But, I guess there could be something that I cannot.

    Time will tell. Thanks for the advice.
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    [​IMG] Welcome to BYC!! [​IMG]

    There is lots of Chicken Knowledge here!! And the folks are good people ( and funny too!! [​IMG]).

    Check back tomorrow for more answers!!

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    are you sure the eye is gone?
    could it just be injured and the second eye lid is covering it?
    is there any swelling or drainage?
    is the eye shut?

    she might be the at the bottom of the pecking order and being bullied..
    if at all possible..under supervision..observe them closely as a group and watch the interaction and which of the birds is bullying her..
    if it's the rooster..he may do the same to another.

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