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    Aug 11, 2014
    Hi Everyone:
    We have a chicken (Astrolorp) that the other hens and rooster have picked on mercilessly. The Barred Rock rooster was the worst. He would breed her and then he got to picking on her so badly she would squeal. Then the other hens would come running and join in with the rooster in pecking her. It was awful! She ended up without any feather (maybe a half dozen at best) We didn't notice any lice/mites, etc. but her feathers started falling out and she was being pecked by everyone else. When we would feed or check on them during the day, she would run to us and stay by our feet as we would discipline the other chickens and rooster for pecking her. We now take her out of the pen daily and let her follow us around in the yard during the day. At night, we put her back in the chicken house in a nesting box so the others won't pick on her. This has been working for several months and she is starting to grow some feathers back. Her name is "Runt" and she knows her name. She only lets my husband pick her up. She just runs to him when she hears his voice!

    My questions are as follows:

    We had used Kickin' Chicken, a food additive, to try to get the feathers to grow back. Any other recommendations to help feathers grow back faster?

    When she gets feathers back and "looks" like the other Astralorps; will the chickens accept her better?
    As long as she stays in the next box, they don't bother her (out of sight, out of mind?)

    She has become a pet and isn't going to go to the stew pot. As far as we can tell, she isn't laying any eggs either.

    Thanks so much for any help or information you can provide.


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