Pickup Camper Coop

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Apr 10, 2014
Hi everyone,
This is my first post and I really enjoy seeing everyone"s ideas on chicken keeping.
I just got 10 day old barred rocks and have them in a brooder now, they are doing great.
I have an old pickup camper that I was going to junk but got the idea it might make a good coop.
I am gutting it out now, removing the cabinets, closet heater and etc. It will have a narrow lower floor space due to the way pickup campers are made, but on each side it will have 2 other areas that are built up about 18 in.and run the length of the floor. It does have a vent on the top that opens and closes by crank. I will need to cut out some areas and install wire cloth for more ventilation. I did see on u-tube a neat idea for an automatic door opener that could be made cheaply. They were using a power window mechanism
to operate the door using a daylight darkness switch. I am thinking I may do the same but put mine on 12v timers. It would be a cheap build getting the window mechanisms from the junk yard. The camper has the part that goes over the cab that is pretty big I don't know what I will use that for. The timers are only about 12 bucks on e-bay.I am moving slowly and reading a bunch as this is my first time with chickens.

I love this forum and thanks for all the ideas.


Have fun with your flock!

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