Pics not showing up


9 Years
May 24, 2010
cache valley ut
OK I went threw the report bugs here thread didn't find the answer and I am not sure if it is the new system or mine. But I haven't been able to get the pictures to show up in this thread I had them before the upgrade but now there gone. Any suggestions to get them back?
I am on a MacBook Pro running snow leopard OSX 10.6.8, using Safari & just launched Firefox and still no pictures.... Just checked on my desktop MacPro and same thing... and on my iphone 4S latest OS5.01??? Weird thing is last night I got them back on my ipad2 .... they loaded as a ? but if I clicked them they would load. On all of my other devices they don't appear at all. The links to videos do show up though.... Hope this helps!

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