Pics of my waterer nipples!!


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Feb 2, 2010
Port Macquarie AUS
Here is a pic of my nipple waterers that I made up. I used whats commonly called "poly pipe" in Australia, it's basically used for irrigation and comes in 19 and 13mm sizes (where metric down here but I think it equates to 3/4 and 1/2). The beauty of it is its cheap and you can get elbows,tees,ends,stop valves and reducers, it all just pushes together onto the barbed fittings. I found that the nipples fit perfectly into the 13mm barbed fittings ( pictured is a nipple in a 19 to 13 reducer) with just a smear of plumbers glue for a completly watertight fit.[
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muahahah I really wondered what nipples I may find!!!!

I have seen some straaannnggeee posts round here

Nice nipples btw!
Awesome! I will have to check out my local hardware place here (Lowes) to see what I can find when I get mine in!
Thanks for the pictures

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