Pictures at last! Dog house to coop


May 26, 2011
Roanoke County, Virginia

Above: the white part is what we had as a hiding place for the thunder fearing dog. It did not work and he did not use it, so it became the coop. Nest box on the left, not in use yet. It sits on concrete blocks for coolness, has a plastic sheet that lets in light, and a small window/vent. Left small gaps for airflow in the slats in the side. All the unpainted wood is from an old picket fence (same stuff as surrounds the run). There are two small vents up top like the one shown. The holes are covered with $3 shower drain covers.

Above: inside coop looking left. The girls like to go to sleep on the upper white roost and look out the "window" vent. The lower poopy roost shows why overlap is not a good idea: acts as a poop catcher! I will be removing that one and adding another 2x4 running the same direction as the upper roost.

Above: the walkway to the upper doors of the coop. The bottom doors are mainly for ease of cleaning for me, but I do open the bottom for the girls. They hang out in the bottom during the day sometimes, but ALWAYS use the walkway to go bed, even if the bottom is open! They also like to hang out just for a different view of the world...

Above: Annie Oakleaf on the left, and Sandy with her mostly white feathered backside hanging out on their "tree" in their "front yard". Stability issue, still needs work... They like sitting in different places and on different sizes of wood or on the concrete blocks. I like them to have different sizes so their toes get flexed and exercised.

Above: the shrub in the yard I cut their "tree" from. They love to go out and investigate, bug hunt, and chill. This is Annie Oakleaf in the tree, and Minec on the ground. They were boarding on 10 weeks old in these pics. Annie is getting her grown up voice. She is bossy and domineering, even though Sandy is bigger. Sandy caught a lizard yesterday (first ever!) and Annie promptly stole it and led a merry chase around the entire backyard!

Above: close up with the doors closed.

Above: the girls love their dog! This was three or four weeks ago, and the girls are now twice as big: they still jump right up on his back, nest in his tail, and go on alert when he barks. He is a great Mom!

So that is my set up. Not the prettiest by any means, but it was inexpensive and it works! When I win the lottery they can have a chicken cinderella castle!
I think it's a most excellent use of space and supplies. It will fit those 3 girls perfectly. I think you're going to need more ventilation when it gets hot out. I recommend cutting a window in the side panels about the size of a half sheet of paper to allow for cross breeze while the door is closed. If you're concerned about water getting in, add an awning that angles downward to shield it from rain but allow breeze.
Thank you, Nurse Turtle. It was harder than I thought it would be for something so simple. I cant seem to make a straight cut! I think you are right about adding another vent in the top part of the coop. Rain isnt too much an issue as the coop is half under the eave of the house, under weed block cloth, and under a giant oak tree! A little water gets through, but not much. Itwas collecting on the flat roof, but I made the legs slightly uneven to give it enough tilt to let the water run off.
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