Pictures from hatch #2


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Apr 3, 2011
South Dakota
Today three more peachicks hatched in the brinsea. They are two days early again. This time I had to help all three out, the membrane (not sure what its called) was dry and stuck to them. Looks like I got 2 more cameos and the other one I don't know for sure yet, either IB or IB Pied. I have three more eggs that are due to hatch anytime. These eggs weren't supposed to hatch until Monday. So hopefully I will get another 100% hatch! I am up to 9 chicks now. I need to get to 20, have a guy who wants 10-15 and another who wants 4-5.
Here are some pictures:
The first one just fresh out of the egg

The two cameos

All three of them
Sounds as though the temp may be a deg or two high and the humidity is too low. Did you open the bator at all after lockdown and before everything was done hatching? You shouldn't have to be helping them all out. I haven't hatched very many peas(tons of turkeys, chinkens, guineas, quail, pheasant), only 10 this year but I haven't had to help them. Be paitent also, one from Thursday took about 20 hours from pip to out. Helping them out is alwaws a risk over them getting out on their own. Lets get you bator humidity right. Congrats on the babies.
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I had the humidity around the 75%-80% range. and the temp was around 99.8 give or take a little bit. I don't know what went wrong this time.
That is plenty high enough humidity. I wouldn't jack with too much since you are getting babies. I would double chek my humidity and temp with another thermo & hydro just to be sure. I only run my humidity at about 65% for everything but my hatcher is at 98.5 degs. I'm not saying that's what you should do or even suggesting this but it works well for me across all these different bird species. It also looks like you are incubating and hatching all in the same unit with staggared hatches so it wouldn't even be an option. Are you opening toe door at all to take a peek? I don't understand why they would dry out with that mock humidity? Unless the fan is too strong and drying them out. Remember, in that tiny unit, even cracking the lid for just a second will pull out most of the humidity and cause problems.
I don't open much, maybe once or twice a day to spray the eggs down. I have one hatching now that seems to be coming out just fine.

Also is this chick an IB? It looks a little more lighter in color then my other ones and it has some white flight feathers. I have never had one with white flight feathers before. The father is an IB spilt with white and cameo and the mother is a Cameo hen.
C&Rman :

Congrats!!! You are making me so excited to start hatching. I cant wait until I get my incubator

Hatching is so fun!! I can't keep my eyes off the incubator. This is my first year of hatching so I am especially excited. My 10th chick for the year is on his/her way.​

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