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  1. I'm writing a report on chickens and I need photos. If anyone is willing to donate any pics would be greatly appreciated. It doesn't matter what the chickens are doing in the pics. I also need chick pictures. I hope to see some good pics. Thanks!
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    sure here are a few

    Hopefully u can copy/paste if u choose


  3. [​IMG]

    You KNOW you are going to get bombarded when you ask for pictures right??????? [​IMG]

    You can use any of the 400 on my personal page if you want to.

  4. [​IMG]

    Chicken soup for the soul!!!!!
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    This is "Clucker" did the pic in black and white so her beak would be more noticeable...Silver Laced Wyandotte with a deformed beak, looks like she's making a kissy face. She does well, has a little handicap so I have to put feed in a deep container so she can catch the food in her beak, she is unable to eat from the ground, as well, she can't water from a standard chicken watering device, so I have a special open bowl that I put in the pen for her....she's already laid her 1st egg at 4 months....allot of people would have thrown her to the side, she is so sweet, one of my favorite hens, she just needs a little help :)
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    This is Askew. She's a Jersey Giant hen.


    This is the same chicken at 4 weeks. Can you see how she got her name?


    This little fella grew into this:


    This hen lays a nice brown egg.


    Check out this hen's brown eyes.

  7. Thank you all, for the pictures so far! I hope to see some more awesome photos! [​IMG] Thanks!
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    Here is a pic of "Pig Pen" 23 week old Splash Orpington cockerel

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