pictures of 4 week old chicks

urban chicks

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7 Years
Oct 2, 2012
if you have picture of 4 week old chicks post them here. i just want to see how they are feathered by 4 weeks.
I have 4 week old GSL and Im still unsure I got 4 hens and not 2 cocks and 2 pullets ughhhhhhhhhhhhh

Peepers is coming up on 4 weeks this weekend. She's much more filled out than this picture lets on though.
Doesn't it depend on the breed when their feathers come in?

Anyhoo, here are my first and second batches of Barred Rock chicks at 4 weeks exactly. First seven pics are of chicks now 8 weeks old, second seven pics are of my chicks that turned 4 weeks yesterday.


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