Pictures of my pen, not much compared to some but the ducks like it.


8 Years
Oct 5, 2011
Huntsville, AL
I need a wider angle lens for the pictures and then I would not have had to take so many to try and convey the look of the aviary. Basically I built a 135' x 85' pen with 10' sides and 12'-14' tall center posts. I have a pond that is about 3'-4' deep that is fed from a well 12 hours a day using a 1 1/2 hp submersible well pump. All over flow goes back into the 3 acre pond located adjacent to the aviary. I also built a 25' x 66' pen on the back side of the main aviary for housing birds that are for sale and the flock of Cochin/Silkie Bantam mixes that I use for egg incubation. The one main improvement that is going to be expensive is that I plan on building a retaining wall that goes right up to the front of the aviary so that when people visit they will have ducks swimming in front of them at about waist level and 2' away. I also use cypress wood for all of my boxes and actually had most of them built for me by Heath Brinson in Mississippi.

Thanks for the compliments but when I look at it I see so many things I wish I had done differently. Just so you know, this was not all built in a day and it has taken several years worth of effort to get to this point. Over the past 3 years I have been doing a lot of planting of fig trees, blueberry bushes, thornless blackberries, muscadine vines, miscanthus grass and Pampas grass. All in an effort to provide as much natural food and cover for the birds as possible. The best thing that I have finally made myself do over the past two years is cut back on birds. I have more eggs in the boxes right now that I have ever had and I have about half as many birds as I had two years ago. It is a hard lesson to learn when you are just starting out but less birds and plenty of room leads to lots more babies than having extra breeding pairs.
Looks really good Mark. Looks alot better than my dump here as you know.Ha Ha. . I tryed to post a video here of the male ruddy displaying already to show you. I ll have to get my son to set it up on you tube I guess. Anyway the pair is doing great and we love em. Hope you are having a good year.

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