Pictures of squat and red wattles and comb???

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13 Years
Aug 8, 2009
Hey everyone~

I know this is a lot to ask.... but wondered if anyone could get a pic of their hen doing the squat so I could see if that is what my BO is really doing. Also pics of what the wattles and combs should look like in laying hens would also be helpful. I have a BO that acts ready, and a red star, barred rock, and white rock that "looks" ready. Can anyone help? My hens will be 20 weeks on Monday.
My chickens are camera shy when it comes to squatting. But mine started laying before they started squatting. The combs started to grow, and turned a nice bright red.
your pic, Uppity Peon! That should be your avatar!
Only one of my hens out of 20 have ever squatted for me, and that is my first chicken, a dark cornish. She was an only chicken for a while.

Here is my Daffy, a Buff Orpington, at 21 weeks. She started laying about 2 weeks later.


And LynneP's squat picture is perfect. She acted like i was going to hit her all the time, and she would squat really fast. It took a while for it to dawn on me that this was what everyone meant about the squatting. They're also really easy to pick up when they're squatting like that (a nice benefit).
Joy is a Red Sex Link. She's 19 weeks old. She squats like Lynne P's hen, but I'm not good enough with a camera to get Joy to squat while I take a picture. Great shot Lynne!
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Hey everyone!!!

Thanks so much for taking the time for the pics~ they are really very helpful, as I'm sure they will be to other people too! My BO squats like the pic, but her comb and wattles don't seem ready. Keep the pics coming if you can... they are very interesting!!!!

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