Pig Pen into Coop: Need Chicken Friendly hole patch ideas!


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Aug 4, 2009
Leicester, NC
Hi guys, so we've got an old pig pen on our property that we're converting into a new coop for the load of babies I have in the brooder. The pig pen itself is fully enclosed, but with a variety of open spacing (4"-6") between the boards on the floor and walls. We were trying to use scrap lumber only to close the whole thing in, leaving just a little ventilation at the top.

We were relatively successful, but because of the nature of the scrap lumber we were using, there are still a number of holes, mostly smaller than a fist. Aside from cutting a ton of tiny pieces of wood to patchwork the thing together, have you guys had any success with using spray foam insulation or plaster, etc for patching up a coop? Or have other ideas?

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Thanks! That's kinda what I was thinking, I was just worried that the girls may like it too much and take to picking at it. Anyone else have any "spray foam insulation in a coop" experience?
Well, bear in mind that that expando-foam stuff will keep out drafts but NOT predators -- a raccoon or weasel or whatever will go through it in approximately no time flat.

how about some chicken wire/hardware cloth as reinforcement to the insulation "stuff"? Kinda like rebar in concrete...will also help w/ predators (hardware cloth only).
Im wondering what this beast looks like, please post pics?
I know this might sound crazy but I have done this with a rat hole. I cut the top out of a can .Juice can, coffee can or veggi can and nailed over holes.Pound down any rough edges.

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