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    HELP!! I have two new pigeon chicks that just hatched today. Here is the problem: My Nuns just had chicks yesterday and one was eaten last night and the other was killed by ants today! They insisted on nesting on the ground and these fantails that hatched today are in danger, obviously! I am perfectly equiped to hand feed baby pigeons and I have done it several times before very successfully, but never tried this young. I think that it is in their best interest if I take these munchkins during the night, or completely. Do you know if the mom will take them back if I put them back early in the morning and how long do they need pigeon milk from mom? I think as soon as they are done with that period of time however long that may be, I am going to take them and raise them. I have heard that you can sub out pigeon milk with yogurt??? But please, I need some solutions quick before nightfall tonight!!!!! I dont want to loose these guys!!! All of my pigeons have been loosing their clutches and I just found out why!! I am going to proof this coop before the next clutch!!
  2. ummm, ya, they have to be fed every 2 hours, even during the night, for their first week...so good luck! im working on dove babies right now and am using the kayte exact hand raising formula. Im actually not shure if the parents will take them back...
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    Could you possible take all of them and put them in a cage or dog crate with parents to keep them safe, until they are out of danger. I will be dealing with this myself soon as my fantails and trumpteers are on the ground too. [​IMG]
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    If your equipped to bring the chicks in, bring in mom and dad too.
  5. Yep, keep the parents with them in a safe place.
    Watch to see if they feed them.'
    On the other hand I have had the same happen here but I have also moved the nestbox and found they abandoned the baby which I then reared, which is hard if your busy.
    Have you tried asking these guys, they are geat with pidgie advice!

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