Pigeon/Dove Nesting Idea


12 Years
Jul 26, 2007
East Texas
I recently got back from a vacation at the Wildwood Resort in Lousianna. Very pretty place with neat ideas. Anyway, they have a breeding program for wild Wood Ducks and a few other breeds. There are several ponds with nest boxes and one completely closed in aviary where they house several other breeds. Poultry I saw there included: Pearl Guineas, Blue India Peafowl, some Game chickens, various Cochins and Silkies, White Chinese and Canadian Geese, Mandarin, Wood, Redhead, Canvasback, Mallard, Black, and several other species of ducks, and Ringneck Doves.

Anyway, the avairy was beautiful. The doves were in there, as well as the more expensive ducks (Mandarin, Wood, Redhead, Canvasback) and the Mallards. The other birds were on the stocked fishing ponds or out on the resevior.

Anyway, the point of the thread is I was going to share the idea that they were using for their doves to nest in. Hanging in various placed from the beams in the completely covered aviary were three tiered hanging fruit baskets. In almost everyone there was a pair of doves. I thought that was a really neat inexpensive idea.

Has anyone ever used this method before?
I have seen people use the hanging baskets before for pigeons and doves
It's pretty neat.

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