Pigeon dust and lung issues

Discussion in 'Pigeons and Doves' started by gootziecat, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. gootziecat

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    Nov 27, 2007
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    Does anyone know if pigeon dust/particles is more harmful than chicken dust? You don't hear much about chicken lung diseases but there seems to be a lot of recognition for pigeon lung disease. Thanks.
  2. Hokum Coco

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    Dec 6, 2012
    New Brunswick,Canada
    Yes I have heard of a few isolated cases. We had a woman die of pigeon lung disease in Fredericton New Brunswick awhile back (she did not even keep pigeons was just exposed to them on her balcony).

    We also had people die from peanut butter reactions; shell fish; and tuna. Some people are more reactive to certain things.

    I should be dead from being around pigeon droppings and not taking precautions. Now I do wear a dust mask when I heavy cleaning my birds.

    I have 63 trips around the sun was exposed to lead paint as a child, DDT, I eat peanut butter right from the jar, love shell fish and tuna (That alone would kill 1/3 of out student population in schools today). I have also been stung by every flying insect know to Canada. I am still hear. Do not try those exposures to the current generation.
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    I know two homer fliers who had to stop raising birds because of pigeon dander/dust allergies. I wear a particle mask when in the loft, and upgrade to a canister type mask when handling birds or cleaning lofts. I have a sensitivity - not a full blown reaction yet - to pigeon dander. I am also sensitized and allergic to rats, guinea pigs, and rabbits through constant contact with them in my career.
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    I started to have a reaction to caged type birds, chickens, then pigeons, but started taking animal grade probiotics and singular 10mg temp on and off, as well as changed feed, housing, and access to their area by fresh air, pests, and mold, over time. i found other things were key allergens and just birds tipped over edge to problematic. country life does wonders! before recently moved out to country again, i had pigeons and young bantam chickens cramped enclosed in city apt for while (neighbors trying to abuse and steal them so had to bring in and keep locked up when wasnt watching), and allergies to them went away actually.. course i am eating differant too so probly just another factor to add in.
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