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Sep 17, 2013
Hi. I was wondering if anyone had a pigeon eggs for sale. It doesn't really matter what breed but i would prefer racing pigeons.. so just let me know..
Like i care. I asked for eggs not your opionion. Im different i can raise anything successful.. when u have a loser attitude like taht u will fail
No offense to you but i want to be a veternarian so i need this.. If u have any babies or eggs let me know.. The thing is i have had people tell me i couldn't do things before and i did them so what you just said doesn't really help.
I must say I am sorry! I was not aware you did not want opinions. Please excuse my ignorance I must have miss read your post or your mind. Where ever it was clearly written. I immediately deleted my opinion as to not offend you any further again. I would like to give you my deepest and heartfelt apology and ask if there is any way I can do penance to relieve your pain. You must find it annoying to deal with such losers, uneducated, inbred people, as myself.

I am currently in the building process of my flock which are Belgium bred White Homers at this juncture as I recently had a raccoon attack. i have some who can home from over 500 miles. I have had the odd one die when the parents were tending them so right off the bat I know I should have gotten you to tend them.

I would find it too much of a hassle if my squabs would some how die or the eggs did not hatch through NO FAULT OF YOUR OWN with your nurturing gifts and positive attitude.

Please forgive me again for doubting that you could not raise anything with a beak and a heart beat to maturity. i had no way of knowing of your abilities.

Maybe some other fancier would be more open to your needs.

Good luck to who ever supplies you with their birds.

I can tell luck is something you have no need of.

I would like to assure all back yard members that if something does go wrong it will NOT BE YOUR FAULT.
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Thank you. I didnt mean to get sassy but i already have people doubting me because of my age and race. Sorry about your lost and i hope you build your flock at a successful rate. I found a couple people on craigslist. thanks again

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