Pigeon not sitting on egg? What to do with it?

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    Hi, I had a pair of pigeons who were sitting on two eggs which are 15 and 16 days old today. Yesterday when I let the birds, out a hawk came and took the hen and so now I'm just left with the male of this pair. He seemed to be sitting on them last night when I checked on them and then throughout the day today but tonight he won't sit on them and only goes on his roost. So I brought the eggs inside and have them on one of those electric heat and I hope that in the morning if I put them back in the nest he will sit on them. I don't have an incubator and none of my other pigeons are sitting on eggs so I have nowhere else to put them. Does anyone have any advise on what I should so with them for at least this night? And what are the chances of them hatching if he doesn't sit on them again (they are supposed to hatch in 2-3 days)?
    Thanks, any advise is appreciated :)
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    Put them in a toaster oven at about 100°.

    If they happen to hatch I read that if you can feed the new squab egg yolks for the first 5 days.

    Then try mixing in chicken pellets and a bit of water into the mixture and gradually on to a water a chicken pellet mix.

    Good luck!
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