pigeons, pigeons and more pigeons!


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Feb 20, 2013
Post your pigeon stories here!

We got ten pigeons last summer and now we have 24 and two eggs! Around here there aren't many predators so we have not had any raids, of which I am so glad. Well anyway, can't wait to hear your pigeon stories!
I recently got three feral racing pigeons from a hay barn at my bosses chicken houses. And also a pair of racing Homers that were banded from the Pensacola Racing Club and they are setting on some eggs.
That's great! We feed ours a little in the morning and they have been hatching squabs sense fall and I don't think they will stop laying now. In the wild pigeons hatch about two batches every winter! A very peculiar time to have babies if you ask me. I hear they are good meat birds. Thanks for the post!

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