pigeons sneezeing should i be worried???

Discussion in 'Pigeons and Doves' started by therealsilkiechick, Dec 12, 2008.

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    i have 2 frillback pigeons i noticed tonight r sneezeing once in awhile but fine other than that, however both their mates r not doing it just them. should i be worried? what might be causeing it and what else should i watch for to make sure they r ok?

    can anyone give me links to info on health and diseases for pigeons and info on sites that sell vaccines and meds for them? i don't have it saved to my new comp i got early for christmas so all that is lost on my old one. [​IMG] any help would be great and for those that use vaccines what do u vaccinate them for and where do u buy ur vaccines? any info would be greatly appreciated since it is very limited what u can find on pigeons.
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    My pigeons snezz once in a while. Much more than a chicken dose.

    For supplies get a catlog from Foy's supply. If you are worried about a cold get some garlic to add to there water.

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    my birds sneeze quite often too, something to do with the cold weather! Shouldn't worry too much, i had quails in the past and they also sneeze often.

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