Pilgrim not laying

Discussion in 'Geese' started by Country Parson, Apr 4, 2012.

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    I have a trio of pilgrims (1 male, 2 female). One has layed a dozen or more eggs and has been sitting on the nest for two weeks, but the other female hasn't layed a singke egg. It is possible she laid one egg (well...at least one egg was layed in the far corner of the pen away from the nest), but I cant be sure it was the second goose. She clearly is the "least favorite" female. I had thought a breeding trio would work, but there clearly is a breeding pair with an extra wheel, so-to-speak.

    Is this common?

    I really cant figure out why she isn't laying...at the very least one would think she would lay infertile eggs.
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    Are you sure she is not laying? My girls share a nest, at one time they were laying in another spot and I suppose they decided it wasn't "safe" (probably because I was stealing them) so they moved the nest a few times. I'd have eggs in two different spots though only one in the first spot and more in the other spot.

    As for the gander not mating the other goose, are you also sure he hasn't? If he has not it is not the ganders choice, it is the choice of the goose and she doesn't like him not the other way around.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Is she still a yearling? I've read that sometimes geese wait to lay / nest until their second year. Since they are seasonal layers it can work that way. I have American Buff, and that was what I read about them. Out of my 5 female geese, 2 have finished laying and are trying to hatch out goslings, 1 is still acuumulating eggs in a nest but hasn't started sitting and the last two are not laying -- or are hiding their eggs in the ongoing nests. I'm pretty sure they aren't laying though. So it may be that she is just going to lay next year . . .

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