Pilgrim vs. Sebastopol geese


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Does anybody know what pros and cons pilgrim geese and Sebastopol geese have and which breed is a better, quieter, backyard goose who is better at laying eggs, more docile and quiet, and is a better mother!? Thanks! Keep in mind I'm only getting a pair. So again which is quieter, better mother, and more docile?!
Pilgrims are going to lay more eggs. They have the reputation of being very good mothers. Sebastopol geese are beautiful. They are really both rather quiet and docile. Ganders are usually always more aggressive during breeding season. Sebastopols are much more expensive but it is truly your choice. Pilgrims are nice in that their color is dependent on their gender so it is easy to tell who is who. Mothering also depends on age and does vary from goose to goose. Chinese are often bad mothers but some are amazing mothers. A pilgrim goose may not sit on her nest ever. Luck of the draw sometimes. I will be interested to see how my American Buffs do at sitting this coming spring. Good luck on your decision!
dont know about the other but i really like my pilgrim geese . they are not mean yet can be standoffish . they are good mamas and their meat and eggs are some really fine and good eating . their sensitive though so you will want to butcher the goslings out of sight and ear sight of the others geese.

their eggs make the best devil eggs i have ever tasted ..
Either breed will be a great choice, Its all up with what look you want and price you want to pay. Quality breeders wont be cheap, but pilgrim will cost less than sebastopols. If buying goslings be prepared that they could grow into pet quality only, and not something you will breed to offer goslings from.

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