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  1. Okay right now I have a bright red zit right Smack in between my eyes!!!! And it has gone away but it has come back bigger then ever I have tried everything
    Acne cream
    It will not go away !!! I AM SO MAD
    Stupid pimples
    I bet that once this one is gone there will be a huge zit forming right on the tip of my nose or chin
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    Jan 11, 2010
    Look at proactive. I use R&F's soothe set along with the sulpher wash for my breakouts. Also the anti aging. Love it.
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    Make a paste of old fashioned aspirin and water. pat it on the blemish, let it set and then wash off with warm washrag. Suppose to do miraculous things. My granddaughter tried the ProActive and its works, but you HAVE to keep using it . . . and they lie to you, those bottles you see on the commercial are about 2"s tall . . .they are TRIAL sizes, and then its close to $80 a MONTH for the continued shipments.

    Go to PINTEREST and check it out there. They have all kind of great things that are home remedies that work!!!
  4. Thanks for the ideas!!!
    My main zit has gotten smaller but I scratched it by accident and it started bleeding again
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    Oct 2, 2010
    western Oregon
    Ah pimples... I remember those things, If you smile real hard sometimes they will pop.
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    since we're on the topic, anyone know how to shrink enlarged pores?
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    May 11, 2010
    On my 40th birthday I had this giant zit on my chin. At 40! Who wants pimples at that age?
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    Apr 15, 2011
    One or two stray pimples is very typical at any age. For non-cystic acne, simple ice will usually take care of them fairly quickly. For nodules or cysts, especially cysts, other spot treatments are often needed as the infection is deep in the skin. Preparation H or the generics can help with cysts caught early. I doubt it would help with zits. It must be the kind that contains no steroids, as even 1% hydrocortisone will cause worse problems down the road for most people. It is the same with steroid shots that are given to some cystic acne sufferers...many experience worsening acne after such a shot. Cysts that reoccur continuously in the exact same spot take an even more invasive treatment, such as being surgically cut open and drained. Many chose not to treat, as the treatments can end up being more damaging to them than the acne...this is particularly true when the acne is very mild or infrequent.

    For such mild breakouts as you guys described, a good facial regiment or light spot treatments are likely to take care of the issue entirely. For people experiencing more severe acne, read on.

    Acne that is restriƧted to the chin tends to be a result of hormonal imbalances. In my case, I have moderate to severe adult cystic acne that is very obviously tied to hormonal issues. I can control it with some treatments to the point I will get compliments on my 'flawless skin', but what I have found to work or not work I had to do on my own research and trial and error...doctors and dermatologists have proven to be beyond useless into downright insulting. That tends to be my experience with them in general. The extent of my hormonal issues is obviously something that runs in my family. Things like women balding at age 40, Hashimoto's, excessive facial hair, or grey hair appearing at age ten are prevalent along with mood issues and other hormone driven problems. It has been hard to find out just who has what as my family is the kind that likes to bury any problems instead of address them. I have TMJ to the point I can not eat an apple of the core, and also have some chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia type issues. Some of these issues point to excessive androgens in the females of my family. This is a pretty common imbalance in western women, along with PCOS, and is often treated with birth control pills such as Yaz. Side effects such as blood clots are a big deal though. Hormones are part of a very complex system, so while one pill might help out one woman a whole lot, it may make things worse for another. I tend to view moderate to severe acne as a big deal too though, as it is a series of *chronic infections*. Too often it is dismissed as a purely cosmetic issue.

    As for enlarged pores, I do feel mine have become less noticeable as I got a handle on my skin. But, it could just be that I stopped paying attention to them as my skin cleared, as they simply never bothered me personally. There are a lot of claims out there for shrinking pores. I am skeptical that anything other than possibly a long term regiment that fosters normal oil levels on the skin. And for anything skin related, the more effective regiments are ones that acknowledge the wide difference in skin/acne types/people. Cure-alls like pro-active will work for a very specific type of person, but will make things much worse for others. Same with bc pills or other methods.
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  9. Wow that was really interesting there was alot of things I did not know
    Hopefully I don't have any noticable zits when I am 30 or 40
    My mom or dad don't have any huge acne problems.
    The weird thing is also I seem to have a sever case of eczema on my ring finger and some on the forget next to it !
    I put cream on amost every night and have bought some expensive creams to
    It is really itchy and it dries up so I get big and alot of cracks on this one finger!
    Does anyone else have this
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    Feb 16, 2012
    Blaine, WA
    I found this works for my adult acne, but it was posted on the web for teens with acne..After cleaning at night, soak a cotton swab with apple cider vinegar, and add some witch hazel to is, apply to all eruptions. For teens, they also say to put a clean towel on your pillow every night or a clean pillow case. The idea being that acne is caused by bacteria or fungus (both?) and the combination of products helps kill off the foreign influences and the pillow case changes, gets rid of anything that sloffed off the night before.
    I find it stings when I apply it meaning my nerves have been exposed by whatever is opening my skin. Fungus appears to be the main culprit for my problem, thus the stinging.

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