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    Aug 8, 2013
    Hi, I have a question that I'm curious about. What does everyone do with their dirty pine shavings? (If you use pine shavings). We have pine shavings as the bedding in our coop and it's really helpful with cleaning. Luckily we own a lot of land and have woods behind us, and that is where we have a compost pile that we put our shavings into. What do all of you do with your pine shavings? Do you put them in a trash bag? I'm interested to see your opinions. Thanks.
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    When I'm at my family's ranch, we have a compost area too (we own 700 acres, so the pile is hidden where it's not taking up "space"), but when I'm in the city, I just usually put it in the plant bin/green trash bin. My boyfriend has been getting a little annoyed with the shavings lately (when we're in the city), as they have a tendancy to fly around the backyard, or the chickens have a good time digging, kicking, and building nests in them. Does this happen to you too???
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    Aug 8, 2013
    Yep, our chickens love to scratch through the pine shavings too. In the summer they will find bugs, but they don't have much luck in the winter even though they try! [​IMG] Thanks for your input.
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    I use a deep litter method, so I have not yet had to clean out the coop and will likely not have to until next spring. If/when it is stripped, I will simply deposit it on "Mt Volpoopius" which is the compost pile we use to dispose of waste from the horses. We started the pile six years ago and have gotten a lot of lovely soil and fertilizer out of it (which is used by our neighbor for his garden and we get veggies in trade) - it sits on the back edge of the property over the edge of a drop off and has yet to get to a size that it is any issue. The amount of shavings that will be disposed of will be so minimal it won't even really register for us --- the droppings I take from the poop boards daily are just deposited right on the pile.
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