Pine VS Cedar......Aspen?

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  1. I'm not sure this is the proper section for this, but I guess since it has to do with health....

    As far as bedding goes, why is it that pine is alright but cedar is not? (maybe I have that backwards?) I know that with rodents and rabbits both pine and cedar contain the same toxic phenols and are equally dangerous. Is this definitely not the case with chickens? What about hardwoods like aspen?

  2. Cedar is a no no. Pine is better than cedar, but Aspen would definitely be better than both of them.

    After 2 weeks of age, I put my chicks on wire. It keeps them much cleaner and drier.
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    As enola has said, cedar is a no-no. Too many oils that can suffocate animals or cause other respiratory problems.

    My avian vet is a fanatic against pine shavings too, and he claims they are putting his daughter through college. He has concerns about the phenols in the shavings. HOWEVER, the great majority of folks on this forum use pine shavings successfully.

    I use kiln-dried Aspen shavings in most coops and all brooders. I still use pine in my first coop, but may change that over to avoid the wrath of my vet. [​IMG]

    Good luck with whatever you choose!
  4. Thank you, both! I already use aspen in my rat cages, might as well buy in bulk and use it for chickens, too!

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