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Bonnie n Clyde

6 Years
Sep 24, 2013
This is Clyde, his eye is infected, the vet didn't now anything about peafowl but he did look at Clyde and attempt to get the ball of infection out although it is completely surrounding the eye, the eye is visible in the center of the mass. The vet picked out some of the infection but decided to stop because he felt he would need to put Clyde to sleep to completely get it out because of the fact it was surrounding the eye and to much was attached to the mass so he put some baytril (0.6 ml) in five syringes and a tube of entederm ointment for him, and instructions to give baytril oral for five days and use the ointment after washing eye with ivory soap and water and rinse daily, ITS BEEN 3 DAYS AND IT LOOKS WORSE! well the first and second day when cleaning the eye I could get just a tiny bit of stuff out now the third day it is dried over with scab, I washed today but no goo or anything, I attempted to press a little more to get it off but he seemed to be really hurting so with out any help I just stopped. I rinsed and applied the ointment I will attempt tomorrow morning again, maybe the ointment will soften the scab. If I didn't work full time with over time and could have Im thinking washing twice daily and applying the ointment would be more effective. It cost 75.00 so far and I was afraid to ask how much it would be to put him to sleep. I have seen pics of the masses removed by ppl and Im sure with an extra person I could do it but the vet said it wouldn't work cause of the eye is in the center of it all. HAS ANYONE HAD THIS WITH THE EYE SURROUNDED WITH THE MASS AND WHAT DID YOU DO?. I DONT HAVE THE FUNDS IM AFRAID FOR SURGERY AT THE VETS.
Search for sinus infection. I've not dealt with it but I was just reading about it this weekend.

Eta- on phone and hit reply by mistake. The pus is hard and isn't gooey like ours. What I saw was a hard mass and the incision was large to accommodate its removal. No anesthesia needed and the bird was fine.

Seemed a lot worse to the person than the bird!

Any way, I hope that helps.
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TKS, the vet explained about no goo, he said birds and reptiles have hard puss instead of gooey ...ooooey. I had no clue. 'Im learning a lot. Sadly some the hard way.
I seen the video of the sinus infection and the proceedure to cut and pop it out but I went to the vet I needed antibiotics, first and figured he would do the procedure for me. Ooooo, he didn't, he said this was different than the sinuses, it was surrounding the eye so he couldn't just pop it out like I was trying to explain to him. At first I thought he thought I was crazy. Oh, and let me add, he has never had a any fowl of any king in his office before, he treats cattle and hourses ect but not chickens or peafowl but I had no clue what else to do, I should have researched this more before I took him and saved some $$'s maybe. I have found tons of information about meds and stuff but I thought I do better and go to vet. I think now that he had dug around in the eye and broke the sac the infection may spread I hope it doesn't spread. Im giving him the baytril hope it takes care of it.
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Im hoping now that I have found this site I will get a lot of ppl with lots of experience that could even help me help the vet...haha, but I am serious. I told him Id do the procedure if I get the meds Ill need but he stressed the eye is attached and Im sure Clyde will never see from that eye and wonder if it would just pop out with the mass if I tried to push it out, I suspect it still has blood flow because it isn't rotten looking, but is dis figured, it looks kinda smashed from the mass.

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