Pining silkies - should I add some frizzles?

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    I have a 3.5yo mama silkie and her two 2.5yo babies. There used to be 3 daughters, but one of them had to be put down because she kept prolapsing. The mama silkie and the top bully daughter are basically glued to each other. The other two sisters (when the other one was still alive) always stuck together so the lowest hen (Betsy) was never left out. The deceased one would also protect Betsy from the bully.

    Since she was put down, Betsy is always left out. The mama and the bully stick together and the bully pecks her and chases her relentlessly. Betsy is always scared and alone. Also, all three of them have stopped free-ranging as if they don't feel safe going outside anymore with just the three of them.

    I've been thinking about getting one or two more chickens so that Betsy will have a friend again, and so that the chickens feel "safety in numbers" and will free range again. I really like frizzles and thought about maybe getting a couple of those. Does anyone have any advice on the best age range to get them?

    (1) Should I get eggs so they can be hatched as chicks and the natural maternal instinct of silkies means they will be kind and all nurture them, or is it better to get them a bit older?

    (2) Is it okay to mix silkies and frizzles in the same flock?

    (3) Does anyone know of frizzle providers in Adelaide, South Australia? (I can't find any online).

    Any advice you can provide would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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    1) I would suggest fertile eggs indeed. That way they would grow up in the flock and be accepted. The only drawback is that roughly 50% might be cockerels.

    2) Silkies and frizzles together would be fine.

    3) Type 'Australia' in the search bar and conduct an on site search. This may help in locating someone who can help you in your search.

    Good luck.
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    I would suggest fertile eggs only if one of your Silkies goes broody. Hatching them out and plopping them with non broody hens would not go too well. Not saying that was the plan, just figured I'd throw that out there.

    My Silkies live with frizzles (Sizzles), they do great together. On the Sizzle thread, I believe I recall that there was an Aussie on there breeding them. There should also be an Australia thread in the Where A I? Where Are You? section of the forum.

    Good luck!
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    I have frizzles and silkies. I am actually incubating some eggs that will be half Silkie/frizzle so I'm excited about that. I have introduced a few different ages to my flock over time. What worked best for me was having 2 coops by each other. One will current flock and the other with new. Keep the new shut for 3 weeks so they know it's their home and the older birds get used to them. Then let them out all together but stay out to observe. Mine were a month old when I put them in the coop. Once I got rid of all but 1 rooster they started all sleeping in the old coop together. I have chicks coming soon so I plan on doing the same thing with them. If you don't want to have 2 cools then just having them out in a cage daily so the others can see will be ok
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    Jun 22, 2015
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    Great advice! Thanks so much. :)
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    Also great advice. Thank you! Betsy is almost always broody. She spends about 2 weeks laying and then a month being broody, so it shouldn't be too hard to find a good time to tuck some eggs under her.
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    Oh my. They are sooooooooo cute! I love their little veggie box.

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