Pink chicken! *Photo Update.


9 Years
Nov 8, 2010
North Edwards
My handicapped hen and I are in the bathroom right now with kool-aid and wondering how I color her correctly. Don't give me "thats animal cruelty", I know for a fact it isn't.
If you're wondering, I just want a cool chicken. I have two cherry, and a grape. There is no sugar in it. She is a bantam and is a buff orpington.
I already checked out that silkie thread, I didn't see any directions in all the blabber.
My questions are :
The consistensy of the powder? A smooth paste?
Do I need to add anything in?
Do I need to apply anything on her before hand?
How long would I keep the kool-aid on her?
And how long will it last?
I'm first washing her with dish soap to break through the oils in her feathers.
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You can always dip her in a bucket of koolaid, but the paste would be a darker color. Leave it on for a 5 minutes, and wash it off.

Blow dry for scraps of dignity.

Will she be single or multi-toned?

Whatever you do, you have to post pictures. It's giving me ideas about things to do to my daughter's favorite light-brown Turken--the turkens already look punkish with their bare necks!
Go away, Batty. Or elsest I shall badgest thee!!! LOL!

nanny nanny boo boo you can' t make me
i have 3 white silkies that we couldn't tell apart. i put food coloroing with water in a spray bottle. Pink, Blue, & Yellow. Yellow has lasted the longest.(about 2 months) But we wondered......did the other chickens make fun of them
Nope. Chickens see color just fine.

You are mixing that up with the fact that chickens can't count.

That is: you can stick extra chicks under a broody with chicks, so long as they are the same color. She cant count her babies, but she'll kill a buff in her batch of whites if she spots it.

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