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    After a few requests from fellow BYC'ers to receive fertile eggs from my L. Brahma who lays the pink egg pictured, I started the Pink Egg Project (named by one of the requesters).

    I got two RIR/EE cross cocks from my neighbor (eggs which I hatched out for him in my bator) to use for the project. For hens I selected my L. Brahma, a RIR/EE cross hen and an EE cross hen who both also lay pink eggs (although not as brilliant as the L. Brahma's). I also wanted to expand my EE flock so I chose three EE hens to breed as well.

    Bellow is a video of the project in progress

    Neither of the cocks were hatched from pink eggs but the cross RIR/EE seem to be common for them (my experience). I will take a cock that hatches from the pink eggs and breed back to the pink egg layers.

    I already have a pullet that hatched out of one of the L. Brahma pink eggs (feather sexed)

    And here is a little cockerel that hatched from one of the other pink eggs


    Continued in approx. 5-6 months.. .

    Sorry I'm not filling any more egg orders
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    This should be fun to watch.

  3. Kadjain

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    Not the best yet. Out of 14 hatched 8 were cockerels. Of the 6 hens 3 are laying so far and of those 3 I have 1 pinkish egger! YAY kinda..!
    (I hope you don't have to use your imagination too much to see the pinkish hue)
    Obviously I'm terrible at feather sexing since this is the little black chick picted in the first post who I thought was a cock. She lays the egg above.
    I think she is really pretty.
    I also kept a cockerel that most resembles the L. Brahma who lays the pink egg pictured in the first post.
    He seems to be nice so far and hasn't shown any signs of aggression. His mom is the sweetest hen in my flock.
    The girls who aren't laying yet are from the L. Brahma's eggs so I'm excited to see what they will lay.
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    COOL!!!! If you can pull this off I want a few pink layers! You will of course have to give them a proper name
    [​IMG] If I add an EE or 2 plus a few pink layers I will NEVER have to dye easter eggs again!!!!
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  5. Kadjain

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    Another pink egger! And her eggs are as pink as her moms (although you can't tell from the pics). They look like 3 different shades but they are all actually as dark as the 3rd.
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    So cool! First time I have ever seen a pink egg.
  8. Sarevan

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    I think this is very interesting. I have some EE that lay green, blue green and olive camo eggs, one of them lays a pale pink egg. I have to figure out which one she is I'd like to give this a try too in getting the darker pink eggs. We will need to find a roo. I guess that basic genetics learned in HS forever ago will come in handy. Good luck on your experiment! Looking forward to your success!
  9. Kadjain

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    I'm going to hatch out more pink eggs soon. If you are interested in a cockerel from them PM me and we can talk.
  10. aart

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    This is a Light Brahma?
    What breed is this?

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