Pink Eggshels?

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Apr 8, 2014
]When my broody hen was off the nest, I took a peak into her collection of eggs ( all different hens lay eggs into her spot - they're all fertile) and I saw a little light pink egg, noticeably pink though.
Why is this? Will the chick that will hatch out of this egg, lay pink eggs as well?
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Pink eggs are common enough, and come from hens of various breeds as well as total mongrels. If you like them you can try to breed that trait on but it's not guaranteed. Over years of breeding mongrels I found the eggshell color to be one of the most variable traits, not even vaguely reliably passed on, at all. Mongrels passed on most other genes far more reliably that that sort.

You'd do better to try to manage your breeding program so you know what rooster X what hen produced those eggs, and then, breed a whole clutch from her and him, and see what color eggs the daughters lay. I had one hen, the most beautiful one by far, also the most prolific layer I've ever bred, who laid large pink eggs with purple spots. Haven't seen anything like that since. She was also by far the best looking chick, wish I had photos of her. Unique.

Best wishes.

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