Pinky Lee that's Me!


5 Years
Oct 9, 2014
Hi my name is Pinky. I live in Lake Isabella, CA. I have chickens mostly French Black Cooper Marans, I have a bunch of other chickens - eastereggers, etc., I have turkeys and gunieas. Gunieas are my favorite. I also have goats and will be getting Birkshire Hogs soon. My husband, Tom, and I are retired from the wonderful world of sportfishing is So Cal. We live on 2-1/2 acres. I have 4 dogs, the bigs - an American Bulldog and a Boer Borel (?) African Mastiff Mix and the littles two twin weiner dogs. I plan on getting a garden in this year or at least get it laid out. We are on well water so that's nice. I have a new Brinsea Ova Easy 190 if anyone in the area wants me to hatch their eggs PM me.:ya
@PinkyLee !

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